Enterprise B


After I watched Start Trek – Generations about two months ago, I was totally up to model the Enterprise B. So now here it is:

Some stats: nealy 600,000 polygons, two 6144×6144 textures sets, one 4096×4096 texture set, one 2048×2048 texture set (colour, normal, specular) and one illumination map. This is the first model where I use normal maps instead of bump maps.

It will be available for download soon, please be patient.

21 thoughts on “Enterprise B

  1. I hope when u release it in .obj that it is whole, your Enterprise-E in .obj parts are every where and i cant use it

    1. So, you come on to a guys website beg for the model, then complain about his other models, how’s that working out for you? Numptie!

  2. Hi Alex,
    war ein paar Tage in Hamburg.
    Wirklich wieder ein beeindruckendes Objekt aus dem Star Trek Universum.
    Hast Du sehr gut hin bekommen.
    Schöne Bilder


  3. Beautiful looking model as usual. Thanks for your generosity in releasing these to the public, I can’t wait to render some scenes with this one. 🙂

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