New Download: Enterprise E

My Enterprise E is out now. Play with it, render and share gorgeous images with it and have fun with it. Keep in mind to credit me on your images and check the readme file.

Check out the Enterprise E thread here for more info.


10 thoughts on “New Download: Enterprise E

  1. Hi Alex

    Excellent work it looks great!

    It did not export to OBJ so good. It is like different layers have saved with different offsets. I try to import into Lightwave and I use deep exploration, same result.

    I could not try other versions today because of 3 download limit, but I try tomorrow.


    1. I don’t know the reason for the offset. I never had that issue with other obj exports before.
      Maybe you should check with some guys at who successfully ported the model.

  2. Hi A;ex! Question regarding Enterprise E download, did you disable link? Thanks again for creating amazing work!

    Thank you!

      1. Hi Alex, thanks again for replying I appreciate it very much… If possible the C4D format. Thanks again!

        1. I see that James in the post below me appears to had DLoaded the model, my GPS is off line because I can’t locate the DL link. LOL, Alex pls help. Thank you!

  3. Hi Alex! Downloaded the Big E OBJ format and am having the same offset problem, no matter what program I try to load it into.

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