Enterprise-A downloads

Update 2: Added 3DSMAX (mental ray) conversion by SCIFI-MESHES member “Enterprais”

Update 1: I optimized and re-exported the mesh. Please download again.


The brand new Enterprise-A is available for download.

Take it, play with it and share your renders.


(Max conversion will be added later.)

17 thoughts on “Enterprise-A downloads

  1. Hi Alex,
    Wie immer ein super Teil. Einfach genial… vielen Dank dafür… Ich versuche es gleich noch in Max zu konvertieren. Wird einen Moment dauern…

  2. I’m not sure if your Update Notice above was posted after the 25th, but I’m still having issues with all the RAR files for the Enterprise A. I downloaded the Enterprise D and Voyager files again, and they unzipped just fine. There’s still something up with the Enterprise A RAR’s—it seem to be an issues with all 4 downloads. I tried downloading other unzipping programs, same issue. Maybe try using a different RAR zip method.

    The exact message I am getting is—”Could not extract the file “1701-A.fbx” from the archive “1701-A_FBX.rar”: Could not create the folder.”

    It’s the same for the C4D, OBJ, Textures, and readme.txt.

    I’ll admit, I was very displeased with the movie Enterprise-A—every time I watch Star Trek Beyond, I still cringe. However, your version looks amazing though! I think the angles used in the movie were the worst they could have chosen maybe, there are still certain design aspect that are very unappealing, but hopefully, they will make some kind of refit makeovers before the next movie. Great job on your Enterprise-A though! I think they should hire you to design the next upgrades if they ever do a sequel. Can’t wait to download the working files!

  3. Okay, download WinRAR again. No go. I have a Mac and use Unarchiver—still no go. I can redownload any RAR for any other model, and it will unzip just fine with the Unarchiver. I’ve done this countless times already—just did it again, so I know these files don’t work for me. I’ll just have to wait patiently—one day I guess it will magically work. I was really looking forward to rendering this model. oh well, again great job on it—everyone else—enjoy!

    1. Dear Alex,

      I don’t me to pester you, this will probably be my last attempt to download your Enterprise A mesh. Your work is amazing, and I was REALLY looking forward to rendering a few pics with the Kelvin Enterprise-A being that it is the most detailed and accurate mesh out there right now.

      I took a video to show you the issues I am having. I still am unable to unzip any of the RAR’s for the Enterprise-A, but can download and unzip any other ship with no problem. I use a Mac, and used the Unarchiver for all the files. I downloaded a few other programs, nothing will unzip the Enterprise A-files—on any of them.

      Yes, someone mentioned using WinRAR, but any version compatible with a Mac does not work. My troubleshooting shows that their is nothing wrong on my end, maybe it works on others’ Windows and other non-Macs—but ALL of your other models and textures will unzip on my Mac just fine with the Unarchive, so why not ANY of the Enterprise-A files is my question.

      Anyway, I hope that maybe it will just decide to work one day—on its own. No matter what I try none of the Enterprise-A files will unzip, so I was assuming you did something different from any of your other ship files—C4D, FBX, OJS, 3DS, Textures, you name it as long as it is not the Enterprise-A.

      Anyway, thanks for you time and keep up the amazing work.


      Beaux Bougher

      A video of what I am talking about: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0drb3aOe_A3ODZGemFnSVJZcFk/view?usp=sharing

      1. May I suggest one thing? I think it will be stupid suggestion, but can you find a friend with Windows PC? Just take all files with this new gorgeus Ent-A and unrar them on different Windows computer, I don’t think friends will forbid you to do it – because it wont take much of their time.. Or try an internet cafe may be, they should have Windows computers?..

        1. I’m good. I don’t think I’m interested anymore, anyway. This particular design is not a favorite anyway. It’s just weird that this one model is so much different than all the others on this site. I appreciate your patronizing gesturing though, we don’t have ridiculous shit like internet cafes here. You guys enjoy. Alex great work. Thanks for your help. Oh wait….

  4. Hey Guys… I downloaded the The Unarchiver from the app store for MAC… BAM… it works! Thank you Alex and thank you to the guys who suggested this… love it!

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